Hello wholesalers! Welcome to the Jack & Lily Wholesaler page, where you’ll find out how to become a wholesaler, how to order our shoes and ongoing information on best practices for selling them. We want you and your customers to have the best Jack & Lily experience possible, so we will be addressing various wholesaler interests.


Jack & Lily Myshoes: baby, infant or toddler shoes for girlsJack & Lily is a reputable brand providing unique and quality designed baby shoes to retailers, small and large, throughout the world. We are always looking to increase our wholesaler community, so please send us a message expressing your interest [email protected]
We are working on an exclusive Wholesaler Club to make becoming a Jack & Lily retailer, and ordering our shoes, much easier for you. Registration will give access to insider information, resources and even a few freebies! We will notify all current and new retailers in the upcoming months when registration will be open. To ensure timely correspondence from us, we ask that you register to our Wholesalers Club.


Ordering Jack & Lily shoes from our website takes a few simple steps

    • Download our Originals Order Form and My Shoes & My Boots Order Form.
    • Navigate to the Shop on our website for easy browsing and see what styles catch your eye.
    • Write down the style #, description and sizes on your order form. We require a minimum first order of 24 pairs, but subsequent orders are a minimum of 12 pairs.
    • Fill in the remaining information on the order form and mail, fax or email it to Jack & Lily.


Jack & Lily
Wholesaler Order

1680 W.75th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6P 6G2
Phone: 604-254-6900
North America: 1-877-995-8367
Fax: 604.254.6333
Email: [email protected]




Jack and Lily Product Display

Photo from Lolipops and Gum Drops

Jack & Lily’s premium, award-winning packaging exemplifies the quality of our shoes. Sturdy and well-designed, shoes are protected during shipping and perfect for gifting. Our keepsake packaging comes in two forms:

  • The Originals are kept in a clear bag for ease of viewing with strong, colored handles and a snap button to clasp it closed.
  • The My Shoes & My Boots are placed in a sturdy gift box, with a clear window for viewing the product and a small hole down the side to feel the softness of our shoes. The versatile design allows for in-store stacking and/or hanging from an elegant ribbon.

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