The Jack & Lily Story

baby shoes

Passionate designers and manufacturers of Footwear for Little Feet

Believe it or not, “Jack & Lily” actually have a mother – a Vancouver, Canada mom to be exact – and it all started because she had finally seen enough.

Brenda Buell was in her early thirties and pregnant with her second child. “Wherever I went, whatever I saw, the quality and style of baby footwear was simply lacking – and certainly not worth the prices they were asking. It was depressing.” Frustrated, Brenda became certain she could do better. Over a period of several months Brenda found a leather manufacturer, got hold of some “short ends” (leftover leather from the making of coats or belts) and went to work hand-stitching the very first Jack & Lily shoes. “I had learned to sew early on. Naturally, this sort of led me to fashion school, which I fell in love with. Being a new mom was obviously demanding but because I came from such a strong design/create background some of the steps were a little easier.” Brenda had also spent more than a few years working behind a counter in retail. “I just knew moms deserved better when it came to the first shoes their children would ever put on…I had to do something.”

Determined to succeed, and willing to do whatever it takes, Brenda went door-to-door, pitching her infant, baby and toddler shoes to whatever small, local business would listen. Their response shocked her. “These were mom & pop stores. They rarely took chances on new products but I sold out of everything! I couldn’t believe it! The desire for quality construction and fashionable, hip design was overwhelming. They begged for more.” Jack & Lily grew steadily from there. “Each year we would offer more styles and more options. People would respond – buying not just for themselves, but for their friends and family too.” Jack & Lily has gone on to become a global brand known for its whimsically stylish – and very fun – exclusive footwear for the babe-to-toddler set.

But what about that name?

“Jack was my first born, so when the doctor said I was pregnant with a little girl I just knew Lily was the only name for her. Here I was, mom to one, pregnant with another – what else could I name my new little business? So ‘Jack & Lily’ the company was born. The funny thing was that my doctor turned out to be wrong. Instead of a little girl we had another baby boy, my precious Finn. So ‘Lily’ was actually ‘Finn.’ He still rolls his eyes whenever I tell that story.”