baby shoes

Who We Are

In 2004, Jack & Lily founder Brenda Buell was pregnant with her second child and still couldn’t find a quality pair of shoes for her little one, so she started sewing her own.

Brenda knew that children deserve better when it came to having shoes that supported healthy growing feet and that moms (and dads!) deserve high-quality products at honest prices.

Determined to do things differently, she knew having high-quality, stylish footwear for babies and toddlers was important, but there was something else that mattered even more: the little feet wearing them.

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Little feet need big protection. That’s why we equip every pair of Jack & Lily shoes with its signature flex-sole, made to give and stretch. The lightweight rubber sole is non-slip, allows for safe movement and is 100% recyclable.

Brenda’s hand-sewn beginnings have now grown into a global brand known for its stylish and fun exclusive footwear for babies and toddlers.

Jack & Lily is supported by people who care. We are passionate about creating unique styles and want to ensure that every hand-selected material is safe, durable and high-quality. As parents-first, making sure that our children’s safety and protection is our priority, which is why for every shoe created, we always have baby’s total comfort in mind.