As crawling turns into walking, your baby’s feet begin to develop. Bumps, knocks and the weight of walking upright all takes its toll. During these first few years, it’s important to give little feet the support, protection and room they need to grow.

Hard-soled shoes tend to be too restrictive and uncomfortable for new feet. That’s why parents and paediatricians are turning to soft, flexible shoes for babies and toddlers.


As babies learn to walk, their tiny feet begin to grip, move and twist in new ways. It’s during this time that the cartilage in a baby’s foot develops into the bone and muscle we need as adults. Babies also need to receive essential sensory information while learning to walk, the feeling that comes from the soles of their feet touching the ground.

For babies, barefoot is usually best. This is great at home, on soft carpet or smooth wooden floors. But as babies venture outside, their sensitive feet need the right protection. 

A pair of soft sole shoes keeps your baby’s feet safe from harm, while providing enough room for them to grow. They’re flexible enough to allow little tootsies to move naturally, to feel and grip the ground, and to encourage the development of healthy young feet.

"Footwear needs to protect children's feet, offer some grip on a smooth surface, and ensure comfortable walking on different surfaces... They should be well fitting, soft, light weight, and have cushioned soles."

Canadian Pediatric Society


Over 15 years ago, we set out to develop the perfect shoes for tiny feet. Through careful testing and meticulous material selection, we created our Natural-Flex shoe soles. 

Made from 100% recyclable, non-slip rubber, our soles provide the perfect balance of support and flexibility for both indoor and outdoor walking. They’re thin enough to allow the sensory development your baby needs when learning to walk, while providing protection from injury and hot or cold surfaces.

Today, each pair of our handcrafted baby shoes features these unique soft soles, cushioning your baby’s feet with the support and flexibility they need to develop naturally. 

Along with our Natural-Flex soles, our Super-Flex soles provide even softer, more flexible support for your baby’s feet. You’ll find these in each of our shoes, which are perfect for little ones learning to walk on a range of surfaces. We also use genuine and vegan leathers in our shoes, and fully adjustable hook and loop closures to provide an easy fit for your baby’s foot.

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