2 Year Old Shoe Size Guide

When babies grow to become toddlers, the shoes on their feet matter more than ever. Your toddler’s shoes should offer protection and grip on outdoor surfaces, while being flexible and soft enough to provide the sensory feedback needed while learning to walk and run. That’s why it’s also important that they fit just right.

If you’re wondering what size shoe a 2 year old should wear, you’re not alone! It’s a question we hear all the time. Our shoe size charts below will help to get you started.

Our My Flexx baby moccasins and My Shoes baby shoes have unique sizing — be sure to choose the correct size from these charts before making purchasing your toddler’s shoes.


2 Year Old Shoe Size Charts

My Flexx & My Flexx Boots Size Chart

My Shoes & My Boots Size Chart

Here’s an easy way to measure your 2 year old’s shoe size: 

Stand your baby barefoot on a piece of paper and use a pencil to gently trace around each foot. Print our size finder template to make this a little easier.

Use a tape measure and measure the length of each foot tracing from the heel to the tip of the longest toe.

Add ½ inch, or 1.3 cm, to the longest measurement to allow a little room for growth. That should give you the perfect shoe size for your baby.


Baby & Toddler Shoe Sizes by Age


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