Jack & Lily's Baby Shoe Sizing Guide

When it comes to baby’s growing feet proper fit is everything. Because babies grow at different rates and shoe sizes vary between companies, the best way to determine the correct size for your little one is to measure their feet. Find their perfect size using one of the quick and easy methods below!

Option 1: Size finder

Just print out the Jack and Lily Size Finder page HERE, measure your child’s foot and you’re done!

Option 2: Trace their feet

You need: pen, paper, ruler

Step 1. Place a piece of paper on the floor. Stand your child’s foot flat on the paper.

Step 2. Press down on the feet as you trace around each foot. NOTE: If you plan to have your child wear socks with their shoes, make sure they are wearing them when you measure.

Step 3. Measure from the heel to the longest toe. Take the larger of the two measurements (don’t worry, that’s normal!) and add one-half inch. That’s your Perfect Size Number!

Step 4. Take that number and compare it to the Jack & Lily Size Finder HERE to order the perfect fitting Jack & Lily shoe!

baby shoes sizes

Note: My Mocs and My Shoes fit differently.
Please check the size guide before ordering.

Sizing Guide

Using the Jack & Lily Size Finder, you can measure your child’s feet and find their appropriate shoe size using our Sizing Charts. sizing pdf Download Size Finder Here   Once you determine your child’s foot measurement, review the sizing chart in the PDF above to find their perfect Jack and Lily size!