Serving Our Community

Jack & Lily have always considered their role in the community important. Making a conscious effort to give back, especially to the kind of children and families they serve every day, means the world to Brenda. She ensured that community involvement became an accepted part of the overall culture at Jack & Lily.

Annually, Jack & Lily give away more than 500 pairs of infant, baby & toddler shoes, boots & moccasins in support of local schools and community service groups. Organizations like the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Crisis Pregnancy Centre have raised much-needed funds through the sales of gifted Jack & Lily products.

In most cases the charities auction, sell and (sometimes) even give away the shoes provided by Jack & Lily, looking after the needs of the many children and families they seek to help both directly and indirectly. If you would like to donate to or volunteer for either of these amazing charities please visit their respective websites to get in touch with them. The good that they do can only be increased through your generous support.

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