Jan 24, 2020 

Video | Bianca Figz Reviews Jack & Lily Shoes

Mommy vlogger and longtime Jack & Lily customer Bianca Figz has been fitting her little one in J&L’s since she was about 5 months old. Watch her video to see why she loves Jack & Lily Shoes for her baby. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube for more video reviews!

Jan 16, 2020 

Three Helpful Hints When Buying Baby Shoes

aztec fringe baby boots
Have you noticed your social media feeds busting at the seams with the latest trends for your babies and toddlers? There are tons of brands out there with amazing looks for your little one, but how do you choose? Luckily we know shoes, and we’ve got three helpful tips that you need when looking for the right shoes for infants, babies and toddlers.

The Right Size
Size matters, and is vital for healthy foot development. Just because your child’s feet are one size for one brand, doesn’t mean they are that size for other brands. Children’s feet can vary by as much as a half size. We recommend you visit your local children’s shoe specialty store s and have a professional measure both of your child’s feet. Another option would be to measure using a measuring tape or ruler. Toddlers tend to curl their toes, but this will throw off their measurements. Make sure your child stands while being measured for the shoes! Keep in mind that kids’ feet overgrow, so it is essential to re-measure.

The Right Stuff
What’s the shoe made of? Shoes made with genuine or vegan leather last longer, stretch and mold to the feet and provide extra support and comfort. Well-designed shoes allow for maximum airflow, letting your child’s feet breathe, which minimizes bacteria growth and keeps them healthy. Look for a flexible and rubber sole that will protect your baby or toddler from uneven surfaces, sharp objects, and temperature changes. Shoes made with genuine or vegan leather can be spot-cleaned quickly and air-dried.

The Right Style
This is always the fun part! Pick a style that shows off your child’s personality!

Jack & Lily Shoes is a family-owned, baby, infant and toddler shoe company that has been around for over a decade. They are passionate about creating unique styles and ensure that every hand-selected material is safe, durable and high-quality. As parents-first, children’s safety and protection is their priority, which is why for every shoe created, they always have baby’s total comfort in mind.

Dec 11, 2019 

For Immediate Release: Jack & Lily’s Winter 2019 Collection

Worldwide, December 10, 2019 –
Jack & Lily, an independent infant, baby, and toddler footwear company, is excited to announce the arrival of their newest Winter 2019 collection.

Jack & Lily’s latest release features modern and fun styles for both boys and girls:

Girls Enchanted Collection
From spellbinding floral print boots and sneakers, rose gold mary janes, magical unicorn mocassins, and everything in-between, their Enchanted Girls Collection is full of charm and imagination.

• Boys Retro Sneaker Collection
An ode to the old school sneakers of their parents and grandparents, their boys’ retro sneaker collection is full of bold hues and perfect for the stylish little guy on-the-go!

Both collections have Jack & Lily’s signature flex-sole technology; a lightweight and non-slip rubber sole that offers full flexibility and promoted healthy foot development, while keeping little toes protected from sharp objects and uneven floors. Their shoes are handcrafted with premium, 100% safe materials, including vegan and genuine leather.

Their winter collection is perfect for growing feet, as they provide comfort as well as safety even when the little ones are traveling out in the big, wide world. My Mocs are available for 0-36 months old babies, and My Shoes are available for 6-36 months old babies.

View the Lookbook, or check out their fresh new collection online.

About the Company

Jack & Lily’s hand-sewn beginnings have grown into a global brand known for its stylish and fun exclusive footwear for babies and toddlers. Supported by people who care, Jack & Lily is passionate about creating unique styles and want to ensure that every hand-selected material is safe, durable and high-quality. As parents-first, children’s safety and protection is priority, which is why for every shoe created, baby’s total comfort is always in mind.

Nov 29, 2019 

Soft Sole Baby Shoes Can Add Style to Your Baby’s Outfit

pink fringe baby shoes
Do you have a hard time looking for a pair of baby shoes? Parents are always looking for the best quality shoes that not only support and protect their children’s feet but are also stylish and unique.

Our feet are considered a foundation of our body, and we must take care of them to prevent leg, foot, and back pain. There are only small selections of soft sole shoes for kids that support and protect healthy growing feet.

Providing your child with a perfect pair of shoes from the time they start learning to walk up to their teenage years will keep the legs and feet healthy. This will also allow them to perform their everyday tasks without legs or feet getting hurt.

There are various benefits of providing soft sole baby shoes to your child. Children are active and always on the go. Soft sole shoes made of high-quality materials like genuine and vegan leather offer extra comfort, protection, and support to the feet.

Here are the features that leather shoes offer to the kids:

Durability and better fit
High-quality shoes last longer. Shoes made with genuine or vegan leather stretch will mold to the feet, providing the child with extra support and comfort.

Well-designed shoes allow for maximum airflow, letting your child’s feet breathe, which minimizes bacteria growth and keeps them healthy.

Easy to maintain and clean
Shoes made with genuine or vegan leather can be spot-cleaned easily and air-dried.

Providing your children with a pair of well-designed baby shoes is a better investment, which will keep your child’s feet feeling healthy and comfortable.

Your Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes – What Type is the Best for Baby?

black and white soccer baby shoes
Most children start to walk between 8 to 20 months of age. Sometimes their feet naturally turn inwards because of ligament stiffness and the strength of the muscles is still catching up to their physical development. This tends to improve as the bones in the feet grow and strengthen.

Infants wearing shoes

An infant who is learning to walk receives essential sensory information from the soles of their feet touching the ground. Soft sole baby shoes help protect children’s feet from injury and the cold and heat.

When toddlers learn to walk barefoot or while wearing soft-soled shoes, it helps improve their muscle strength and sensory development. When toddlers start to walk on their own, they can progress to a firmer soled shoe.

Have the shoes of your child fitted professionally, which should include measuring both feet for width and length. Children’s feet overgrow, and it is essential to check the size of the soft sole baby shoes, which might need to be updated every few months. Tight shoes can prevent healthy foot growth and may cause additional issues.

Suggestions while buying children’s shoes

Shoes for the toddler should ideally have:

– A lot of room for the toes
– A comfortable fit in width and length
– The front of the shoe should be wider than the heel to match the natural shape of the foot
– A flat sole – check that the sole can bend near the toe
– A flexible and protective sole – ideally a sole that will protect the toddler from uneven surfaces, sharp objects, and temperature changes
– Straps, laces or fasteners to prevent slipping or movement of the foot in the shoe
– A solid heel counter
– Expensive shoes don’t always prove to be better. Soft sole baby shoes are the perfect ones for infants.

Remember, every child develops differently. If you have any concerns about your child’s foot development, we recommend that you see your family doctor.