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Dec 21, 2022 

How To Choose The Best Winter Boots For New Walkers

How To Choose The Best Winter Boots For New Walkers

Winter comes around every year whether you love it or not. And as predictable as the turning of the seasons, your little one’s boots from last year aren’t going to fit this year. Buying winter boots doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you choose the best winter boots for new walkers now!

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Winter Boots For Your Toddler


Winter isn’t the same everywhere. Are you looking at a California winter or an Alberta winter? Choosing the right amount of warmth for your little one’s feet is important to make sure they’re not running too hot or too cold. 

Some brands may have temperature ratings available so that can help, especially if you’re looking for really cold-weather wear. Other things to look for are if the boots are insulated, what type of material they’re made out of, if they have a liner, and how they are secured. 

Think about what type of warmth you need for your boots in the winter and use that as a base gauge as to how lightweight or extreme your toddler’s boots need to be. 

And remember, how a boot fits and what’s worn with it can affect the warmth. If boots are too tight or if heavy socks are worn without enough room, it can actually make your child’s feet colder as there’s no room for air to circulate. Roomier boots are better, especially if you want to wear wool socks. 


Being a new walker is hard enough without having the ground slip out from under you. If your toddler is heading out on icy surfaces, a boot with a heavier tread can help them keep their footing. There is a trade-off here, though, as if boots are too heavy it can cause your toddler to fall over themselves even without the ice. 

Think about the environments your little one will be out in and the type of activities they’ll be doing. If it’s going to be a lot of time in the stroller or being held, something more lightweight with less tread will do just fine. If this is a full afternoon of sledding or snowman building, something a little more heavy-duty is probably a good call. 


Nothing is fun if your boots are rubbing on your feet and giving you blisters. Making sure your child’s boots are comfortable on their feet is key to them enjoying themselves this winter. 

Comfortable boots are made out of materials that don’t rub or irritate their feet. Boots with soft linings help keep feet warm and comfortable. 

Getting boots on and off with ease also increases comfort as their little feet don’t have to be continuously shoved into and pulled out of tight boot tops. Look for boots that have wide openings so they can step in and out of them easily without scraping the sides of their feet. 

And laces are usually a drag. They hinder independence for little ones, can’t be adjusted or fixed without taking off gloves and freezing your fingers, and can be a pain to remove in a hurry if there’s a potty emergency. Boots with velcro, drawstrings, or hook-and-loop fasteners are a toddler’s best friend. 


Getting the right fit for toddler boots is very important! Ill-fitting boots lead to cold feet, snow-filled boots, heel slips, and falls. 

Boot Sizes are Deceiving

Winter boots can be deceiving, especially those with thick soles and rubber lowers. The amount of room inside the boot can be a lot less than you think from the outside. For heavy boots, don’t try to hold your child’s foot against the outside of the boot to check for fit. That will most likely lead to squished toes in too-small boots. 

If the boot you’re looking at has a liner, pull that out and use that as a gauge for fit instead of the boot itself. It will give you a better picture of the real amount of room inside the boot. 

Along with that, trying to gauge fit by pressing on the toe of the boot with your child’s foot inside won’t give you accurate information either. Heavy boots are too thick for you to properly gauge where in the boot their toes reach. 

Getting an Accurate Measurement

The best way to ensure a proper fit is to measure your child’s feet and compare that measurement with the boot’s sizing guide. To do that, have your toddler stand on a piece of paper and draw around their foot. Now measure from the heel to the longest section of the toe. You now have their foot measurement! 

For more detail on how to take proper foot measurements, we have a whole page including a video on getting measurements for Jack and Lily boots and shoes. Have a look here for more support.  

Should You Size Up In Toddler Boots?

Once you have a proper measurement of your child’s feet, we need to connect that measurement to a boot size. Some things to remember: 

  • Little feet grow fast. You don’t want to order boots that are exactly the right size now because, in 3 weeks, they won’t be anymore. 
  • What will your child wear with their boots? Normal socks? Thick wool socks? If you’re planning on pairing thick socks inside their boots, you need to make sure you’ve sized appropriately to make room for that. 
  • Tight boots = cold feet. If you want a pair of boots that will last them all winter, then you need the boots you buy in October to still be roomy in March. 

That all being said, if you plan on having just one pair of boots for a season and want to layer thicker socks inside them, we recommend going up 2 sizes from your child’s initial measurement. 

If you live somewhere with a short winter and don’t plan on layering thick socks, or if you’re open to buying boots again mid-season, you could probably get away with going up 1 size. 

Shop Snow Boots For New Walkers Now

At Jack and Lily, little feet are a big deal. And as a Canadian company, we know better than most the trials of keeping little ones active, warm, and safe in the winter months. We have footwear for every style and need, with warm, cozy moccasins perfect for a winter wonderland stroller ride, to durable walking boots that will stand up to their first steps. 

Have a look at our boot collection for toddler girls and toddler boys now and find the perfect pair for your little one! 

Oct 30, 2022 

The Benefits Of Infant Soft Sole Shoes

Infant Soft Sole Shoes

The Benefits Of Infant Soft Sole Shoes

When it comes to babies, you may have heard the saying “barefoot is best”. But why is that? 

When babies are learning to walk, they use the sensory information from their feet to help them develop their balance and coordination. This is easiest when they’re barefoot and can feel the ground beneath them. Being barefoot helps them feel what they’re doing and allows them to move freely and experiment with taking their first steps. 

However, when your baby is playing outside or in certain spaces indoors, barefoot may not be an option. The ground can be hot, cold, uneven, rocky, or have other hazards that could harm little feet. In cases like these, shoes offer protection and let your little one explore safely. 

When shoes are necessary, soft sole infant shoes are a great option to ensure your little one’s feet are protected while giving them freedom of movement to take their first steps. 

What Are Soft Sole Shoes For Infants?

Soft sole infant shoes have a thin, flexible sole that allows your baby to feel the ground as they practice their first steps. The sole is flexible enough for your baby to bend and move freely while keeping toes safe and snug. 

Good soft sole baby shoes also have flexible and breathable uppers, so your baby has the comfort to move and play. The closures should be adjustable, so the shoes are easy to get on and off without struggling or rubbing against your baby’s foot. 

At Jack & Lily, our shoes are equipped with our signature flex sole, made to give, stretch, and support your little one’s growing feet. 

Hard Sole Shoes Vs. Soft Sole Shoes For Infants

Soft sole and hard sole shoes have different places in your child’s growth. For pre-walkers who are learning to balance and coordinate their movements, the flexibility of soft sole shoes lets them learn how to move their feet and take their first steps. 

Moving to hard sole shoes before your little one is a confident, independent walker can hinder their ability to learn to walk. Hard sole shoes can be heavy, making it hard for little legs to lift them off the ground. They’re also more form-fitting and limit their freedom of movement. 

Once your baby has mastered walking on their own, you can make the decision to make the switch to hard-soled shoes for support and comfort as they put on the miles.

How Soft Sole Shoes Help Little Feet Grow

As your baby grows, the bones, muscles, and tendons in their feet are starting to build the strength and movement required to walk. If their shoes are too constricting, it can affect the way your baby’s feet grow and develop.

Soft sole shoes are specially designed for the needs of baby feet. They are wider with flexible uppers that don’t squish or restrict their feet. They also provide lots of toe room, so toes can grip the ground for balance. Wide, rounded toe boxes ensure your baby’s toes have room to grow without rubbing against each other or the shoe itself. 

7 Benefits of Infant Soft Sole Shoes


The soft and flexible construction of soft sole shoes means no pinching, no rubbing, and no blisters. These shoes move with your baby and have ample room for them to move and play in comfort. Flexible uppers also mean you can get their shoes on and off easily with no discomfort. 


There are lots of ground hazards outdoors. Where your baby plays could be hot, cold, slippery, rocky, or uneven. Making sure their little feet are protected from the elements is important, so they can safely explore their world and learn the mechanics of walking. 

Room to Grow

Soft sole shoes are designed to bend and give as little feet grow. They are wider and have roomy toe boxes that make sure their feet are never squished or constricted. This gives their feet room to grow and develop without interference. 

Foot Development

As babies experiment with their first steps, they engage the muscles and tendons in their feet, legs, and ankles to build the strength needed for walking. If your child wears shoes that are too heavy or restricting, it can limit their movement, and they won’t develop the muscle strength needed for the next stages of walking and running. 

Walking Support 

Soft sole shoes let your baby feel the ground under their feet. This sensory information helps them understand the mechanics of walking and learn how to take their first steps. Roomy toe boxes make sure little toes are safe and supported while giving them the room to spread out and grip the earth for balance. 

Freedom of Movement

Because of how flexible and light soft sole shoes are, your baby will be free to kick, wriggle, and bend their feet and legs with complete freedom. This freedom to move will help them develop their coordination, strength, and balance as they play and explore. 

The Cuteness Factor

Obviously, the comfort and safety of your baby are your number one priority. But there’s no reason you can’t have flexible, breathable, soft soled infant shoes that are also as cute as a button! We have options for every personality and style so find the right fit and look for your little trendsetter. 

When Should I Buy Shoes For My Child?

When your baby starts trying to take their first step, it may be time to start thinking about their first soft sole shoes. When practicing inside, barefoot is often the best option for learning how to walk. But once your little one starts trying to walk outdoors, shoes that protect their feet as they stumble along are important to keep them safe while allowing them the freedom to move. 

Shop Jack & Lily Soft Sole Shoes For Infants

Here at Jack and Lily, all our baby shoes feature our signature Flex Sole to ensure your baby gets all the benefits soft sole shoes offer. Our shoes also feature flexible uppers with adjustable hook and loop closures for a perfect fit and easy dressing and undressing. 

As parents ourselves, we know how important the comfort and safety of your children are. That’s why all our shoes are made out of 100% non-toxic materials. Our shoes come recommended by parents and podiatrists alike as a safe, comfortable, option for busy little feet. Have a look at our selection of soft sole shoes and find the perfect fit for your little one. 

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Nov 16, 2021 

WINNERS | J&L Fall Contest

Jack & Lily hosts a photo contest each season for three lucky winners to win a pair of J&L shoes! Stay tuned for more contests in the future on our Instagram @jackandlilyshoes . Checkout our latest post here.

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Aug 26, 2021 

WINNERS | J&L Summer Contest

Aug 16, 2021 

REVIEW | Luke’s Sandals

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Aug 03, 2021 

REVIEW | Lottie and Luke

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May 03, 2021 

REVIEW | Joyful Munchkins

Lean reviews her new Jack & Lily shoes and the benefits of Jack & Lily shoes for her daughters foot development and first time walking!

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Apr 19, 2021 

FEATURED | Baby Nook Shop

Our friends at Baby Nook featured our Jack & Lily My Mocs in a stylish outfit curated by Alison Heckard. We love when local businesses support one another, spreading the love in our community.

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Apr 06, 2021 

REVIEW | Benny’s Curated Outfit

Krystal’s stylish outfit for her son Benny makes us all the more happy our mommy’s enjoy our baby shoes. Krystal reviews her new Jack & Lily shoes and the benefits of Jack & Lily shoes and our Canadian company.

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Dec 02, 2020 

REVIEW | Simple Ula’s Holiday Gift Guide

Simple Ula, a fellow mama added our Hunter Boots to her Holiday Gift Guide. Read it here.

Mar 24, 2020 

REVIEW | Sarah Pearce, Strollerfiit

Sarah Pearce, a Postnatal Fitness Specialist, barefoot shoe enthusiast and longtime Jack & Lily fan, shares with her readers the benefits of barefoot shoes.

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Jan 24, 2020 

Video | Bianca Figz Reviews Jack & Lily Shoes

Mommy vlogger and longtime Jack & Lily customer Bianca Figz has been fitting her little one in J&L’s since she was about 5 months old. Watch her video to see why she loves Jack & Lily Shoes for her baby. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube for more video reviews!

Nov 29, 2019 

Soft Sole Baby Shoes Can Add Style to Your Baby’s Outfit

pink fringe baby shoes
Do you have a hard time looking for a pair of baby shoes? Parents are always looking for the best quality shoes that not only support and protect their children’s feet but are also stylish and unique.

Our feet are considered a foundation of our body, and we must take care of them to prevent leg, foot, and back pain. There are only small selections of soft sole shoes for kids that support and protect healthy growing feet.

Providing your child with a perfect pair of shoes from the time they start learning to walk up to their teenage years will keep the legs and feet healthy. This will also allow them to perform their everyday tasks without legs or feet getting hurt.

There are various benefits of providing soft sole baby shoes to your child. Children are active and always on the go. Soft sole shoes made of high-quality materials like genuine and vegan leather offer extra comfort, protection, and support to the feet.

Here are the features that leather shoes offer to the kids:

Durability and better fit
High-quality shoes last longer. Shoes made with genuine or vegan leather stretch will mold to the feet, providing the child with extra support and comfort.

Well-designed shoes allow for maximum airflow, letting your child’s feet breathe, which minimizes bacteria growth and keeps them healthy.

Easy to maintain and clean
Shoes made with genuine or vegan leather can be spot-cleaned easily and air-dried.

Providing your children with a pair of well-designed baby shoes is a better investment, which will keep your child’s feet feeling healthy and comfortable.

Nov 15, 2019 

Video | My Flexx Boots and My Boots

With the chillier temperatures upon us, many of you have been asking us whether our boots are just as flexible as our My Flexx and My Shoes. Short answer – YES! ????????

Both our boots have our signature flex-soles for extra bend-ability and protection against the elements inside and out. The hook and loop closures help ensure a custom fit and make it easy for little ones to do it themselves.

And while hugs are the best way to keep warm, the faux fur covering the entire inside of the boots help add to the coziness! Click here to see our selection of stylish boots for your little one!