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Violet and her mama were thrilled with their Jack & Lily Footwear pink shoes! The shoes are just adorable and maybe I’m bias but so is the model. The great thing is they are easy to get on and off with an easy Velcro strap which is a must when you have a toddler ready to shake and grove! If you are looking for some cute shoes for your baby or toddler we definitely recommend.

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Tips for Helping Your Baby to Walk

Tips for Helping Your Baby to Walk
Watching your baby take their first steps is an amazing experience! In today’s post, I’ll share tips for helping your baby to walk while creating precious memories.

1. Start with photos in mind by dressing the part.
Order trendy baby shoes that are comfortable and adorable.  You’ll want to capture some of their first steps in photos, so make sure that you pick a pair of baby shoes that will look good in your baby’s memory book!  Personally, we ordered shoes

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Jack & Lily


About Them: Brenda Buell was in her early thirties and frustrated with the quality of baby footwear. She found a leather manufacturer, got hold of some “short ends” and went to work hand-stitching the very first Jack & Lilyshoes. Brenda went door-to-door, pitching her infant, baby and toddler shoes to whatever small, local business would listen. Jack & Lily has gone on to become a global brand known for its whimsically stylish – and very fun – exclusive footwear for the babe-to-toddler set.


I absolutely adore Jack & Lily footwear so was