cactus fringe baby boots

The best soft shoes for toddlers are everything about form, fit, and function. Fashion is also a factor and there are various cute kicks out there for toddlers that check off all the boxes. Here’s a guide on how to pick out fashionable and functional toddler shoes:

1. Measurements
Don’t order the first pair of shoes online; children’s feet can vary by as much as a half size. Go to a store that specializes in children’s shoes and have a professional measure both of your child’s feet before purchasing the toddler shoes. Keep in mind that kids’ feet overgrow, so it is essential to re-measure.

2. Put a sock in it
When your toddler tries on the shoes, make sure they are wearing the same types of socks that they wear every day. This way, you’ll get a proper fit.

3. Stand for the correct size
Toddlers tend to curl their toes, but this will throw off their measurements. Make sure your child stands while being measured for the shoes. Keep an eye on the toes!

4. If the shoe fits, buy the same size
When buying soft shoes for toddlers, don’t buy a larger size that your kid will grow into while wearing them. Big shoes can be hard to walk in and can also prove to be unsafe. If one foot is more prominent than another, buy to fit the larger one.

5. Check out the heel
Watch a toddler walk in the shoe and look closely at the back of the shoe. If it seems to be loose or slips up and down, the friction could lead to blisters.

It is essential to choose the right sized soft shoes for toddlers. Ensure to select the right one for your little one!