Healthy Feet

Everyone knows barefoot is best, but what do you do when little feet need big protection?

Jack & Lily’s soft sole baby shoes are known world-wide for more than just classic, funky styles and high-end quality. The period from infancy to the toddler years is a critical period in baby’s foot development. This is why Jack & Lily take the formative stages of baby’s foot growth so seriously.

Healthy Feet Facts


An adult foot is a complex structure made up of twenty-six bones. Designed to support the entire body through a lifetime of movement, the average foot spends its whole life absorbing a myriad of different pressures and shocks... read more

Product Technology


Jack & Lily works tirelessly to ensure that every crawling/walking shoe they offer is baby touch soft and fully flexible, allowing for total foot flexion. Healthy feet need to move... read more