What are barefoot shoes for kids & toddlers?

It’s no secret that barefoot walking comes with plenty of benefits, especially for babies and toddlers learning to take their first steps.

When they begin to walk, babies require the sensory information that comes from having their feet in direct contact with the ground. This awareness and sense of touch allows them to learn balance and foot coordination naturally.

It’s also during this time that toddlers’ feet begin to develop the bone and muscle we need as adults. Wearing shoes that are too tight or restrictive can hinder the development of healthy little feet.

So what’s the difference between barefoot shoes and regular shoes?

Barefoot shoes are softer, more flexible and have thinner soles than regular shoes. They allow toddlers to feel the ground with their feet as they walk.

This makes it easier for you little one to learn how to walk and run, while providing the right amount of support and protection on outdoor surfaces.

Choosing barefoot shoes for your toddler

Look for shoes with a thin and soft shoe sole, and an upper made from supple, flexible materials.

All of our Baby My Shoes and Baby My Boots feature our Natural-Flex shoe soles. Made from 100% recyclable, non-slip rubber, these soles provide the perfect balance of support and flexibility for both indoor and outdoor walking.

For an even softer, more flexible shoe, reach for a pair of our Baby Moccasins or Baby Moccasin Boots. These are fitted with our signature Super-Flex soles.

They’re thin enough to allow the sensory development your baby needs when learning to walk, while providing the right protection on outdoor surfaces.

Shop our most popular barefoot shoes

If you need a little help with choosing the right size shoe for your baby, take a look at our handy shoe sizing guide.

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