When you’re shopping for baby shoes, it can be hard to find the perfect pair. And that’s because fit matters! When a shoe doesn’t fit your baby’s narrow foot properly, it can cause discomfort and even damage their little feet. That’s why it’s important to make sure your baby has securely fit shoes.

We know that finding baby and toddler shoes for feet that are particularly narrow (or wide), can be difficult. Our Hook-and-Loop closure ensures a flexible, secure fit around the widest range of foot sizes, including those with narrow or slim feet. It’s so effective, our customers often tell us that our baby shoes for narrow feet are the only ones that fit their children’s feet just right!

The Importance of a Secure Shoe For Toddlers With Narrow Feet

When children are learning to walk, they receive important sensory information from the soles of their feet touching the ground. This is one of the main reasons people say that “barefoot is best”. However, footwear helps to protect their feet from injury, heat and cold. For this reason, soft, flexible soles are the best type of shoes for babies and toddlers because they offer the closest thing to barefoot and can support your child’s foot development while learning to walk.

In addition to having a supportive, soft sole shoe, the shoe must fit the foot well. Ideally, the shoe should fit the foot in both length and width, have room for the toes to move around, and have laces or fasteners that hold the foot in place.

Luckily, at Jack & Lily, we’re parents too. Not only are our shoes designed to look great, but they are also designed to support the development of feet of all shapes and sizes. If your child has narrow feet, we invite you to try one of our bestsellers featuring our Hook-and-Loop closure.

What To Look For When Choosing Narrow Toddler Shoes 

When choosing narrow baby shoes, it’s important to take into account how much space there is between the toe box and the tip of the shoe. Your child’s toes should be able to fit comfortably within this space without feeling squished together or pinched on either side by fabric edges that come too close. 

To find the perfect fit for narrow feet, we suggest avoiding the following:

– Shoes that are too big or too small in general. If they’re too big, they’ll slip off. If they’re too small, they’ll pinch your child’s feet and cause blisters.

– Shoes with laces or fasteners that aren’t adjustable. Fasteners that don’t adjust will be difficult to get on and off, and they may not stay tied well enough to stay on at all times.

– Shoes with an open back (like sandals) or no back at all (like flip flops). These kinds of shoes can easily slip off, and they also don’t offer much support or protection against bumps and scrapes.

Signs Your Narrow Shoes Fit Your Infant

When buying shoes for a younger child, it is mostly up to the parents to determine if the shoes fit properly. We recommend reading a
sizing guide to find the perfect fit for your child’s foot, but there are also signs you can watch for that the shoes are comfortable and secure:

1- Feel for a thumb-width at the toes. For toddlers with narrow feet, you want to ensure that when the shoe is fastened, there is roughly no more than one thumb size at the end of the shoe.

2- Watch how your child walks. If they seem to be walking gingerly, the shoes may not be secure on their feet. If the shoes fit well, your child should be able to walk normally and comfortably.

3- Their feet show no signs of blisters. Blisters can happen when shoes are too small but also when they are too big. If your infant has particularly narrow feet, shoes that don’t fit well can cause rubbing and blisters.

High-Quality Toddler Shoes For Narrow Feet

Our shoes not only fit narrow feet, but they also support them. We use supple genuine and vegan leathers for flexibility and movement, and non-slip rubber soles for grip and protection. Every pair of our baby shoes has been designed to give the most comfortable fit for your baby’s feet. The lightweight rubber sole in all of our shoes is non-slip, allows for safe movement, and is 100% recyclable.


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