What are the best first baby shoes for new walkers?

As first steps turn into walking and running, your baby needs shoes that provide the right balance of protection, comfort and support.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for those first baby shoes.

The right fit

Your baby’s shoes should be snug and close-fitting, but not too tight. You can check by inserting your pinky finger at the back of the heel while the shoe is on your baby’s foot — it should fit comfortably, without too much of a gap.

The right materials

First baby shoes should be soft and flexible, allowing little feet to grip and move naturally. Look for genuine or vegan soft leather and suede — it provides plenty of flex while protecting tiny feet from injury. The soles of your baby’s first shoes should also provide good flexibility. Our unique Natural-Flex soft shoe soles are specially designed for babies taking their first steps.

The right fastening

Laces can be tricky for young babies, so choose a pair of shoes with a simple fastening. All our baby shoes feature our unique hook-and-loop closures, which allow for a custom fit for both wide and narrow feet. They’re easy to open and close, and help to encourage independence for new walkers.

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