happy family jack & lily
Even though March is already here, it’s never too late for you to create new resolutions, especially if it helps the fam bond more.  Who says you can only make family resolutions at the start of the year? We rounded up a handful of easy to follow and fun ways to keep your family connected to each other:

  1. Start a weekly family ritual
    Pick a day in a week when every family member can be present. For many families, Saturday nights or Sunday mornings work the best. Schedule a fun, weekly activity like a movie marathon, game night, or any other activity that everyone will enjoy.
  2. Skip work and school (just once!)
    Many families don’t get quality time together during the weekends because those days are packed with events and household chores. So why not take a vacation day from work, dismiss your kid from school and have a family day on a weekday? Make that day memorable for both you and your kids, by letting the kids choose what they want to do.
  3. Volunteer with your kids
    Helping your local community is meaningful and even more so when you do it with your loved ones. This can be a great opportunity for you and your kids to be exposed to causes and understand the value of working together and helping others. Help foster kindness, connectedness, and empathy while giving back.
  4. Disconnect to connect
    Make it a rule in your home to unplug from devices at least once a week. Everyone must participate, including parents. This can be combined with your weekly ritual or a separate day of the week.
  5. Eat together
    Get your kids involved in the kitchen! From something as small as setting the table or even helping cook meals, having them involved teaches them kitchen and food skills and the importance of healthy eating.