Unisex Baby Shoes for Boys & Girls

Our handcrafted baby and toddler shoes are designed for little feet and big adventures. From moccasin boots to stylish sneakers, we offer a ton of unisex & gender-neutral baby shoes for every pair of little feet! 

Our shoes are designed with comfort and safety in mind with soft, flexible uppers made from both genuine and vegan leathers and lightweight, non-slip soles. Our signature Natural-Flex sole provides the give and flex your baby needs as they start to practice their first steps. And with our adjustable hook and loop fasteners, you can ensure a perfect fit every time. No rubbing, pinching, or heel slips. 

With styles ranging from summer sandals, to sneakers, to winter boots, no matter what adventure you’re off to or what you’ll find when you get there, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of footwear for your little boy or girl here at Jack and Lily.

The Jack & Lily Difference

You may have heard the saying, “barefoot is best” when babies are learning to walk. And while we wholeheartedly agree, sometimes barefoot isn’t safe or practical. That’s where our Jack and Lily baby shoes come in! 

Once your little one starts to venture out in the world, you want to make sure their little feet are warm, safe, and secure. All our Jack and Lily shoes are made with ultra-soft genuine and vegan leathers to give and flex with your little one’s movements. And our unique, adjustable hook and loop fasteners make sure you get a perfect fit every time they wear their shoes. 

Made from 100% non-toxic materials, our unisex shoes are made to the highest standards to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. So have a look around! We’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair for your little one here at Jack and Lily!

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