baby shoes

The type of sole makes a lot of difference
Soft, flexible, rubber soles offer more comfort for babies and toddlers and don’t impede the ability to walk. They also let your child grip the floor comfortably while maintaining flexibility, which is closer to walking barefoot while still being protected.

Room for baby’s feet to grow

Soft-soled shoes like baby moccasins are roomier and give the child’s feet more room to grow while still offering a customized fit. As a result, babies and toddlers can wear soft-soled shoes longer without having to replace them as often.

Keep the baby’s feet safe with moccasins
Babies’ feet need protection from changing temperatures, rough and uneven surfaces and objects that may be lying around the house. The soft, thin, flexible sole offers the protection while still being adaptable to the surface they are trotting on, allowing for a better grip. Unlike baby socks with grip or flip flops, well-fitting moccasins for babies stay on their feet much longer.

Baby moccasins have wide openings allowing easy access for babies with all feet sizes and shapes. The comfortable hook and loop closures maintain a secure and custom fit.