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Want to feature Jack & Lily shoes in your store? Jack & Lily offer some of the most unique looks and freshest styles of baby-to-toddler footwear on the market today. Our commitment to high-quality materials, top-notch production and unbeatable customer service make Jack & Lily the best brand for your valuable retail space.

Jack & Lily can help your business every step along the way. From ordering to stocking to displaying our shoes – increasing your sales (and driving up your profits), we offer easy-ordering, small or large quantity options, access to insider info on our sales programs, special rates and unique partnerships. We even offer a “Welcome to Jack & Lily Bonus” – first time orders get a 20% discount!

At Jack & Lily, we only succeed when you do. Become a Jack & Lily retailer today.

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  1. After signing up for our Wholesaler’s Club here, you will receive an email with an order form
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  4. Complete any remaining contact info still required and email, fax or mail the form to Jack & Lily

Wholesale Orders Contact Info

1680 W,75th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6P 6G

230 Lille Lane
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Phone: 604-254-6900
North America: 1-877-995-8367
Fax: 604-254-6333


Creating smart, fun and healthy shoes for infants and toddlers is one thing, but making sure those shoes stand out from the crowd is why Jack & Lily works so hard on our packaging.

Jack & Lily’s award-winning, premium display shoebox sends a message of quality and style that sets it far above the competition. Catching (and keeping) a customer’s eye is a key driver of sales, something Jack & Lily has always worked hard to deliver for its dedicated retailers.

All of our infant/baby/toddler shoes, boots and moccasins feature attractive, smart packaging with sturdy construction. This gives our products a substantial feel with an expensive look, two important factors when it comes to influencing the all-important gift purchase. Enhanced with a peek-a-boo view window (to see the product), Jack & Lily’s keepsake packaging encourages customers to view our products as much as a gift to be given as they are functionally durable, early-stage shoes children truly need to wear.

Our creative package displays your Jack & Lily product to great effect, while still allowing for a myriad of in-store presentation options – the sort of creative freedom Jack & Lily retail partners have come to rely on. Jack & Lily products are made to sell but will always move even faster with your help. Together, we’re an unbeatable combination.


Our retail partners know their business. Over the years, they have generously shared stories of their personal success by letting us know what works best. So, if you’re just a little bit curious as to what makes Jack & Lily retailers so successful here are their “Top Five” insider tips.

  1. More Signage – whether your customers are laser-focused hunters or pokey browsers looking to be inspired, making sure they can find what they’re looking for is integral. Mark your areas – and products – well. Use color…and texture. Shapes and more. Communicate with them at all times.
  2. It’s Good to be Popular – If one item you stock pulls in the crowds, put it up front, and then the next most popular one just after that. Draw your customer ever farther into your store, helping them discover what they didn’t already know. Combine a big seller with a related item. You just might make an all-new love connection.
  3. People Have Five Senses – You made the display look amazing, but what about the smell, the feel – the sound? Music, scented candles, candy treats – each one can work on its own or together to send messages your customers will hear. Mix it up, try new things but always remember that customers are more than just a pair of eyes.
  4. Thinking About the Box – You already have shelves and racks, but did you ever think about the ceiling? How about the floor? Maybe the blades of your ceiling fan? Don’t get caught believing you’ve already done all you could display-wise. Look at your store different ways. Crouch down, back up, turn around – see if you can find new ideas or perspectives for creating interest or movement within your space. The box you have is most definitely not the limit!
  5. You Are the Best Part of Your Store – There is no one like you. Your personality, your unique point of view, each and every thing you possess is what makes you….you. Showcase it every day and make it the reason folks keep coming back.