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Merchandizing is an art form and science that takes practice. It has the ability to create traffic, buzz, repeat customers and best of all, increased sales! Here are a few ideas and tips that might get you thinking in new ways about merchandizing. Just remember to have a little fun with it!

1. Efficient shoppers just want to find what they’re looking for quickly, while browsers like to be inspired. Ensure your customer can easily navigate the store via effective signage. While signs should first and foremost be functional, they can also be designed with a little character! Consider the following design elements when making your signs: typeface, color, size, shape, contrast, texture and tone. See what combination is best for your brand, product selection and space.
2. Put your most popular items on your most prominent shelves and every subsequent item should encourage people to step further into your store. For example, if you know skulls are popular this season, make a big deal about them and have products that might go well with them, such as Halloween costumes or rock’n’roll t-shirts, close at hand. Think like with like, but also be a trend-setter with your pairings.
3. Consider your customer’s experience and the different ways you can entice their senses. You have your displays visually appealing, but how can you employ sound, touch, smell and taste to make customers linger a little longer and feel cared for? The music should reflect the desired tone of the store, whether you want a soft-tempo jazz or playful kids’ sing along, and make sure to mix it up. The scent can have a major impact, so think about energizing people with a light citrus or comforting them with lavender. Be careful with common allergies to strong scents though! Think comfort and conflict avoidance with all of your choices.
4. Use the surfaces you have in new ways. Thinking outside the box will really leave an impression on customers and if you are willing to get your hands a little dirty, it can be cost-effective too. What could hang from the ceiling to give movement and depth? What sort of floor graphics might catch a child’s attention and get them following it to different areas? A child exploring different tactile play stations is sure to have a mom close behind them. Create the experience for all users. A great resource for crafty ideas is the Martha Stewart website.
5. Nothing will make your store more unique than your own creativity. Keep it simple, change it up, ask for feedback and experiment!
We would love to hear about your in-store experiences. Send us pictures of how you got creative and we will post the best of the displays on our blog!